Native Displacement in the Twenty-First Century:

Applying Leadership Knowledge

by Abann Kamyay Ajak Yor






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What is this book all about


This book, Native Displacement in the Twenty-First Century, is produced of project and exegesis of Master of Applied Indigenous Knowledge. That provided to the author a vehicle to apply and evaluate learning within the context of an applied project connected to indigenous epistemology and an indigenous community. The study sought to ask a question about Applying Leadership Knowledge — how can it build on and enhance relationships in South Sudanese and other ethnic communities through encouraging the development of new and effective leadership roles?

This book is a Taonga Tuku Iho (Resource/Product) for the South Sudanese and other ethnic communities and New Zealand society as a whole. It is a contribution to present and future generations. Provides the readers with practical knowledge with a new perspective about forced immigrations to Aotearoa New Zealand. It is using the research findings and author story of forced immigration (family, tribal affiliation, and country historical narratives) that use as a template for other forced migrant background of New Zealand. It serves as a resource and product resulted from conversations with fourteen South Sudanese and a hundred and six ethnic communities’ participants

Chapter 1

Displacement Experience – The South Sudanese Community in New Zealand

Chapter 2

My Resettlement Journey of Self-Discovery – Past, Present, and Future

Chapter 3

Models Underpinning the Sika Project

Chapter 4

Community Research Project – The Sika Project

Chapter 5


Chapter 6

Conclusion and Recommendations

What Readers Say

Testimonials from readers


“This book is a taonga and a resource. It is based on Abann’s experience of forced migration, intense trauma, and his journey of life-long healing. His reflections on these also lead to his discovery that other forced migrants share similar resettlement pathways and have had to overcome similar barriers. His insights and wisdom illuminate our understanding and provide a new playbook for empowering those who have found refuge, as well as for policymakers and service providers.”


“It greatly helps me to better understand the journey you and other former refugees are on and distilled from this some ideas about indigenous leadership that were new and interesting to me. Hopefully the SIKA Leadership Model and Common Unity concepts will be good guides, both to former refugee leaders and their communities, but also to Aotearoa New Zealand policy-makers, service providers and society in general. They certainly offer a framework of enhanced understanding for all, a framework I know you will keep living and promoting long after your study is done.”

About The Author

Who is Abann KamYay Ajak Yor



He is General Manager of Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition and is a professional community advocate and educator. He is an uplifting director and community solution focus, a visionary change-maker with clear objectives, and well-developed strategic thinking. A well-respected advisor in the New Zealand Resettlement/Settlement sector. For his contribution and commitment to serve others to achieve integration and belonging outcomes. A South Sudanese New Zealander, a first-generation, he has strong advocacy leadership and management capabilities that are driven by human values and a human rights approach to community issues.

Author Career Biography

He was a recipient of the New Zealand Red Cross resettlement sector award. He received a Certificate of Appreciation from Unitec Institute of Technology for his ongoing contribution to fieldwork education to enhance student learning. He is a fellow of the New Zealand Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and was awarded a Local Hero Medal and Certificate of Achievement for New Zealander of the Year in 2016.

Native Displacement in the Twenty-First Century:
Applying Leadership Knowledge

by Abann Kamyay Ajak Yor


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